MTG alter-art collection

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By: Maciej Barć


In 2013–2017 I was very interested in Trading card game “Magic: the Gathering”. I started playing during the release of Theros and quit somewhere during Shadows over Innistrad. I still keep a small collection of alternative artwork that I have painted on the cards.


Those are pages from the binder I store the card in. Also a lone “Obsession” resource card from The Spoils.


This list is sorted by the time I created the alter-art. I do this from memory so it’s probably not accurate.


:: fediverse

By: Maciej Barć

I has decentralization

So, yea, I’m on Fosstodon.

Hope I don’t get banned ;^)

But in all seriousness, it’s been pretty great. My colleagues warned me that there’s a lot of SJWs but only one person I spoke with wanted to be addressed “differently” + didn’t express that aggressively, so whatever.

Se yall on mastodon ;D

How to read this blog

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By: Maciej Barć


Because contents of this blog are stored in a git repository you can just

git clone --verbose --recursive

then, read the "raw" ORG files in 'posts' directory or make the HTML version executing the '' script (remember that you will need GNU Emacs to render the posts into HTML files).

Then, you can just git pull to read the news whenever you wish, maybe do it with cron or a script that will pull many repos at once, for example with this script.


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