:: gentoo, portage

By: Maciej Barć

Switching from a git repository hosting

For nearly 2 years I have been synchronizing settings between my Gentoo machines via a git repository that is installed system-wide via portage itself.

This actually gets a little tiresome and slow as the package that installs the configuration has to be re-installed each time we want to update the settings.

So I thought it could be cool if I can just push files around between my machines with one command. Now: we can use rsync or scp but /etc/portage is owned by root so we either have to change the permissions to a user we use to ssh or a group that user is in.

Portage users

First change portage permissions of /etc/portage, now all users in the portage group will be able to modify the configuration

chown -R root:portage /etc/portage
chmod -R g+w /etc/portage


We can do a rsync from different machine with:

rsync -r /etc/portage REMOTEHOST:/etc --exclude=".git" --exclude="make.profile" --copy-unsafe-links

Reminder that this can also be done as a cron job!

Portage snapshots with git

Probably the best thing I got out of genlica is that I engineered a script to automatically do a git commit of the changes to the portage configuration.

Emerge git

emerge --noreplace --verbose dev-vcs/git

Copy the file that does the snapshots

mkdir -p /etc/portage/postsync.d
curl -o /etc/portage/postsync.d/99-degitmerge.sh "https://gitlab.com/xgqt/genlica/-/raw/master/portage/postsync.d/99-degitmerge.sh"